This website was developed by Ferring Pharmaceuticals to provide information about erectile dysfunction.

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Founded in 1950 by Dr Frederik Paulsen, Ferring Pharmaceuticals is focused on the research and commercial development of peptides – natural compounds that play a role in virtually all of the body’s systems. Ferring produces pharmaceuticals in specific therapeutic areas to help clinicians treat patients on the body’s own terms.

As a dedicated, research-driven biopharmaceutical company, Ferring identifies, develops and markets innovative products in the fields of fertility, obstetrics, endocrinology, urology and gastroenterology. Ferring continues to invest in R&D to enable the introduction of new and enhanced medicines.

At present, there are a number of major projects in the Ferring R&D pipeline, which complement the existing portfolio and offer innovative development of current brands. They also fit neatly into the core expertise areas of peptide chemistry, pharmacology and drug delivery systems. Ferring’s developmental activities are on a global scale and are conducted in collaboration with leading academic centres and teaching hospitals worldwide.

Coordination of development is maintained from the International PharmaScience Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. The accumulated knowledge and experience of Ferring are paving the way for novel compounds that will become tomorrow’s pharmaceuticals.

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