Useful Resources

Below are a number of links to a range of web resources to help you find out more about erectile dysfunction (ED).

If you have any further questions relating to ED that are not covered here, visit our FAQs page or talk to your doctor.

General Information

Find out more about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and local ED services.

    The official site of the NHS provides ways to find your local ED services and advice on how to avoid counterfeit treatments
    An independent health site that also allows you to download information in PDF format
    A website containing up to date, approved and regulated prescribing information for licensed medicines.


Conditions that may affect erections

ED can have several different causes. For some it’s a physical problem, but for others it can be related to stress, anxiety and depression.1

To find out much more about possible causes, the NHS has a comprehensive explanation here. 

Relationships and support for patients

    The Sexual Advice Association is a charitable organisation to help improve the sexual health and well-being of men and women and to raise awareness of the extent to which sexual conditions affect the general population
    Counselling, support and information for all relationships

NHS Choices (2014). Erectile dysfunction (impotence) – Causes. Available at: Date accessed: July 2017.

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